Gnuk will draw everything
YOu could just submit the pencilled drawings to this blog and ink them later, you know.

I know i could do that, but they’d look subpar compared to the rest of the pics i already made. and uploading the pencils and then upload the inks will double the amount of work i have to do. I’m under exams and a lot of stress currently, so i’m just waiting till this situation solves itself or at least calms down. I’m also trying to draw more of my original content (without much luck). Unfortunately you will need to wait a bit till i get back to this blog. Sorry again

You are not shit Gnukko! you are awesome! Hope u feel better soon <3

Thank you. I appreciate it.

I kept sketching all the requests btw, so i won’t fell too much behind, but i’m still meeeeeeh to ink and crop. Sorry : (

Requests might be delayed until i stop feeling like shit. Sorry for the inconvenience.